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high definition plasma cutting

High definition plasma offers:

  • near laser quality edge finish
  • material such as stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel
  • thicknesses up to 1-1/2" can be cut
  • Plasma cut slots and tight tolerance interior details

Plasma cutting capabilities:

  • Better Edge Quality
  • Narrow Kerf
  • Fabricating Times are Reduced Dramatically
  • Free of Dross and Burrs
  • Hot Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Sharper Inside and Outside Corners
  • Squarer Edges
  • Common Line Cutting

Plasma cut of 1" steel

Plasma advantages:

  • Cost Savings: Reduce fabrications costs by choosing precision plasma cut parts
  • Quality Improvements: Produce sharper inside/outside corners, sharper edges, and narrower kerf widths than conventional methods.
  • Efficient Production: Fabricating times reduced when parts are received with +/- .20" and free of dross and burrs.
  • Economical Productivity: Minimize scrap and reduce handling time given capacity to handle plate sizes as large as 100" x 260" which allows programmers to nest a large quantity of parts on a single sheet during plasma cutting processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Parts continue to be produced by the High Definition Plasma system as our dual automatic pallet shuttle removes completed cut shapes while new material is simultaneously being loaded.
  • Design Flexibility: Eliminate the need for making templates, transferring to steel parts, center punching, hand-cutting and hand-grinding as the flexible table designs of our Fine Plasma Cutters are ideal for cutting holes and features in tubes and structural shapes as well as sheet and plate.


  • Welding projects of any size
  • Aluminum, steel, or brass
  • Production welding
  • Trailer and heavy equipment repair
  • Railings, staircases, ornamental entry gates and fences, grills, rollbars
  • Repair and custom projects of any kind

outdoor kitchens

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Custom Grills, Fireplaces, etc.
  • See pictures for design ideas

milling machine

  • Milling machine parts fabrication