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How to open the doll?

For some of our customers, Milimili (Matryoshka) Dolls are unlike anything they have ever seen before. Once they know what it is and how it works, they become so excited!
In the stores, they open up one of the dolls and line the figures up in a row so the customer can see that there are several dolls in one. Then they open up a second doll leaving the bottom halves inside each other with the smallest doll poking up in the center. This clearly shows what the doll is and how it works.
There is an easy way to open up the dolls. Don't try to twist the doll open! Instead, take the bottom half of the doll in one hand and the top half in the other hand (pushing down) and just pop them open and pull them apart. Put the dolls back together the same way.
If the doll seems to be stuck together, remember that they are made of real wood and because the humidity is different in Russia where they were manufactured and painted, they could have become stuck while being shipped to the US. If this happens, simply hold the doll upright and press hard the two sides together with the palms of your hands until you hear a slight cracking sound (don't be afraid to brake the doll, it's strong enough). This should relieve the pressure and then you should be able to easily pop them open.


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