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Magic of Mysterious Russian Matryoshka Dolls:

Matryoshka as a Matrix of the Universe and a Human Being

There is a certain parallelism which could be noted between a doll and a personality. A seven-fold Matryoshka (7 dolls nestled inside each other) corresponds to the figure of an enlightened Buddha.

An ordinary yogi being on his way to the fifth level of consciousness is like a five-fold doll, while a magician operating on an astral plan corresponds to a three-fold doll. Matryoshka is well known and popular all over the Globe and to some extent has become a symbol of the mysterious and fascinating country - Russia.

Modern Russians have almost forgotten the origin and primordial symbolism of this handicraft, which is now regarded as a baby-toy. But one should bear in mind that initially it had a ritual and sacred symbolism. Strange as it might be, a new understanding of Matryoshka magical powers took place in modern Japan. Only its exclusive design and original construction could not explain the extraordinary public interest in this doll. The Japanese at once became aware of the esoteric meaning inherent in Matryoshka. They were the first to put forward the idea that this marvelous toy should also be considered as a cult attribute and that it's specific construction and design concealed particular ancient secrets. Human subconsciousness often keeps the secrets of the Universe. Perhaps that is the reason for our great interest in this piece of handicraft. In a way, it's secrets are no less enigmatic than those of the Egyptian pyramids. According to some theories, pyramids conceal the spatio-temporal concept, while a Russian Matryoshka reflects information concerning energy structure of the Universe and a human being in particular.

We live in a multilevel world. Every physical body is surrounded by power fields which can also be observed as a so-called aura. This aura, inherent in any physical object, consists of seven layers or energy levels visible to a trained eye.

Originally Russian Matryoshka consisted of 7 figures corresponding to the 7 human bodies which comprise our "Self" during terrestrial existence. Each figure was painted in a certain Rainbow color, from red to violet respectively. So, the biggest mother-Matryoshka was painted red and the smallest baby-doll was painted violet. The same color succession applies to distribution of energy in space and human aura. Red corresponds to earthly forces, which are powerful but have a low vibration level insufficient in providing a path to outer space. At the same time, it saturates a man with living force and makes him active and strong. Lack of red energy makes him sluggish or even sick. Orange is a color of fertility. Yellow provides health and strength. Green is responsible for spiritual health and intuition. Blue helps to establish relations with other people and increases intellectual and nervous potential. Dark blue opens the so-called "third eye" and develops clairvoyance. Violet is a harmonizing color proportionally distributing all types of energy in a human body. Remember the rainbow (a symbol of Hawaii!). The colors follow each other in a particular order in the same way Russian Dolls were originally painted. Chance? Why then have craftsmen passed this style from one generation to another, as well as the proportions and shape of the figure, within centuries?

by Russian teologist/translator
Youry Bondarev (c) 2000 (English page / Russian page)

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